Conversation with My New Year's Resolution Image by Veronica Kornberg

Conversation with My New Year’s Resolution

 In the perigee and perihelion

king tide neaps

you stand


a gray heron hunched

against gray rain


still and immutable

as brain-dead rocks

unfrocked by gravity


Do you sleep

ankle-deep in algae

dreams still draining

beneath your feet


or wait in brutal calculus

of violent thrust

of thrashing in the throat

on the long walk from sealash?



when I first invented you, you looked



gray fluff on a drunken sidewalk, watercolor

wash laid down with a soft brush,

But that is your gift—


to lull me,

your unwary fish,

force me


to struggle, to muscle-swish my escape

or not


And as for you?

You must kill

or failing



Published in Catamaran

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